Living the dream!


6.99 Seamus

Seamus is Gabby's little brother and is the perfect burger for the beginner. A single five ounce grass fed beef burger with a choice of American, Swiss, Pepper Jack, Cheddar or Blue cheese.

10.49 Gabby Burger

Two burger patties and American cheese (on both patties of course) Unfasten the belt.

8.49 Chili Burger

Single patty, cheddar cheese and lots of our homemade chili.

6.99 BBQ Burger

Single patty with BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese. We start on the grill and finish on the char broiler to caramelize the BBQ Sauce.

8.49 Bacon Swiss

Single patty with two big pieces of bacon and of course a piece of Swiss cheese.

´┐╝We cook our burgers medium well. There might be a slight pink to the meat. We do this so the burger is still moist. Tell us if you need it well done, and we will "burn" that sucker for you!

Kids Fare

7 and under please. Otherwise there is no free drink and a $1.00 up charge.

5.49 Childs Cheese Burger

A small 2.5 ounce burger with American cheese.

4.99 Grilled PBJ

Smooth peanut butter and jelly

4.99 Sadie Special

Grilled peanut butter and Nutella ! Bam that is good!

4.99 Grilled Cheese

Can't go wrong with a grilled American cheese sandwich.

All "Kids Fare" meals come with choice of drink including juice box and side including applesauce.


6.29 Chicken Burger

Marinated five ounce chicken breast that is char broiled. We add American cheese.

6.79 BBQ Chicken

Chicken breast with BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese.

6.79 Tipper Dog

Gabby's dog is the name sake here. We use a BIG five and a third ounce beef dog with no weird or yucky filler stuff. Then we char broil it and place it on a toasted bun.

8.29 Dirty Tipper

Our tipper Dog with cheddar cheese and a lot of chili.

6.49 Coreen Burger

Coreen is Gabby's mom and THE boss. We use black beans, brown rice, beets and oats. We top it with BBQ sauce and Swiss cheese. No cheese and this burger is vegan.

4.79 Grilled Cheese

Three pieces of bread and three slices of American cheese (tomato or bacon?) and of course we use butter to toast the bread.

8.49 Chili and Grill Cheese

Our deluxe grilled cheese sandwich with a BIG bowl (16 ounces) of chili. Crackers?

Odds and Ends

2.25 Side of Fries

2.75 Cup of Chili

4.25 Bowl of Chili

.75 Cookies

2.00 Dessert Bars

6.49 BLT Delux

Three pieces of butter toasted multi grain bread, big pile of bacon, leaf lettuce, and Roma tomatoes.


3.50 Strawberry

3.50 Vanilla

3.50 Chocolate

Our milkshakes are made from a very high quality vanilla soft serve. We do make all of our own syrups, and I am constantly working to make them better. We began making them in February 2012. I feel like in a year or two we will really get them "right" although I have been told we already have. But I am a little obsessive to be honest. Please be very blunt with your feedback so that I can quicken the learning curve. They are 16 ounces and do come with an extra fat straw.:)


2.00 Sodas

2.00 Teas

2.00 Lemonade

All you can drink! Our lemonade is made from fresh squeezed lemon juice, water and sugar. Simple, sweet and tart! Our fruit tea is made from sweet tea, pineapple juice and orange juice. The way my mom use to do it.